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Talent Recruiter

Company: HR Manager Talent Solutions Obtain substantially more effective recruitment processes for a low monthly fee. Talent Recruiter is a fully hosted system which can be configured for use within a few days.

Key benefits:
  • It creates a professional career portal on your web site which handles applications as well as unsolicited applications.
  • You can reduce time spent on recruitment by 80%.
  • It establishes candidate databases in which you can search and log activities.
  • It is web based.
  • The information is thus always up to date and available.
  • The system is very stable with ISO certified routines and 99,9 % uptime during the past three years.
  • The system is flexible; it can be adjusted to every organisation/business area and needs with no less than 150 variables.
  • HR Talent Manager stresses product development; clients get four annual updates at no cost.
  • The system is applicant oriented; applicants can enclose their CV and a flexible application form.
  • SMS-module: hold personal contact with and follow up candidates by means of mobile phone 'n dash; where everyone is available, at any time.

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