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Lombardi offers two products that address BPM challenges: Lombardi Blueprint and Lombardi Teamworks.

  • Lombardi Teamworks is a full-featured business process management system (BPMS) platform that allows users to design, implement, execute, manage, and improve processes. Teamworks add-ons are available for Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

The Teamworks shared model architecture allows users to aggregate all aspects of process design, implementation, and historical performance measures in a single process model. The entire process definition is implemented graphically in the unified development environment.

  • Lombardi Blueprint is an on-demand, collaborative process documenting tool that enables companies to map processes, identify problems, and prioritize improvement opportunities. Processes documented in Blueprint can be exported to Teamworks for implementation.

Together, Teamworks and Blueprint provide a unified BPM environment that enables:

  • process discovery, mapping, and alignment to strategic business goals;
  • collaboration in the definition, execution, and control of processes by business and IT stakeholders;
  • fine-grained visibility to understand process and team performance; and
  • flexibility to make changes.




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