Company: Exact

Originally developed by Orisoft (acquired by Exact Software in January 2009) unifiedHCMS is a human capital management (HCM) suite for the East Asian market. unifiedHCMS is built around human resources (HR) and includes software solutions for human resource management (HRM), time and attendance management, payroll administration, and employee self-service.

The unifiedHCMS suite includes the following products:

  • unifiedPAY - Payroll software that includes functionality for tasks ranging from capturing employee information, to calculating salaries, and documentation. It can also be used as an analytical tool for HR planning, and for generating reports for submission to authorities and statutory bodies.
  • unifiedHCM - An HCM system.
  • unifiedTMS - A system for managing employee attendance records. This software integrates with unifiedPAY through electronic time-clocking devices.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)/Workflow - A Web-based application that allows registered employees to access and update their personal and employment information online. Workflow is an automated business process in which documents, information, and tasks are distributed according to predefined rules set by the organization.


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