WellPoints Dynamics AX EAM

Company: P2 Energy Solutions

WellPoint's Dynamics AX EAM solution is fully integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics AX business softare enterprise system. This integration makes it a true 'Enterprise' Asset Maintenance system – not just a 'bolt-on' or stand alone silo-ed application. AX EAM solves the problems associated with duplicate data sources, duplicate purchasing systems and duplicate inventories. By being part of the ERP solution AX EAM solves reconciliation issues for the controllers' department and compliance issues for the CFO. It allows full enterprise management of inventory and vendors – not one system for maintenance and another for everyone else but a single source of all data that adds virtually no overhead for your IT staff. And most of all it gives your maintenance team all the power and features of those 'stand alone' solutions without creating a 'second set of records.

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