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Company: Edgewater Fullscope
Sherry FoxNo presence information (2/24/2014 2:07 PM):
WisePLM is a product listed under vendor Edgewater Fullscope. This product is no longer sold/relevent/etc. Please take it offline.
The company and other product (PI for MS Dynamics) info should remain.
WisePLM provides the modern industrial enterprise with a solution for engineering challenges in areas of process consistency, information sharing, and data accuracy. WisePLM helps to compress a product's time-to-market, while improving operational efficiencies.

As the information front end, WisePLM is used for managing all document-producing systems and can be employed corporate-wide. Each software tool that delivers information about the complete product life cycle is interactively controlled, served, managed, and intiated by the WisePLM information front end.


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