Company: Supply Chain Consultants (SCC)

Zemeter Demand Planner helps planning, forecasting, sales, and operations arrive at a single set of numbers, so everyone is managing from the same set of data. Zemeter facilitates ease of use and minimizes the effort required to regularly contribute to a demand plan.

Zemeter does the up-front work by providing a baseline forecast in views that are meaningful to the various users. The product provides both a reporting and performance engine, with online analytical processing (OLAP) functionality that helps draw the team’s attention to areas costing the company money due to lost sales and unprofitable decisions.

Zemeter enhances the timeliness and accuracy of dynamic collaborative demand planning. In addition to Demand Planner, the product modules include Business Analyst, Inventory Planner, Supply Planner, Finite Scheduler, Network Optimizer, Knowledge Repository, and the prepackaged, streamlined Zemeter S&OP product for small to midsized manufacturers. Zemeter modules run on an easy-to-use Microsoft platform, and provide the same intuitive Outlook and Excel interfaces.

SCC offices are located in Wilmington, Delaware (US) and Antwepen (Belgium).


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