abas Business Software

Company: ABAS Software

abas Business Software is an ERP and e-business application designed specifically for manufactures in assemble-to-order (ATO), make-to-order (MTO), and engineer-to-order (ETO) environments.

The abas Business Software brand includes the following products:

  • abas ERP for production
  • abas Distribution for distribution, wholesale, and service companies
  • the abas eB e-business solution

New functions and technologies are added to the standard software with each new version. abas Business Software is currently offered in 28 languages and can be run on the Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. ABAS has been a supporter of the open-source Linux operating system since 1995. Approximately 80 percent of over 2,300 abas installations are Linux-based.

abas Business Software includes the following functionality:

  • sales and sales order processing
  • shipping
  • purchasing and purchase order processing
  • warehouse management
  • scheduling
  • logistics
  • materials management
  • materials resource planning (MRP)
  • production and production planning and control (PPC)
  • financial accounting
  • fixed asset accounting
  • cost accounting
  • eBusiness

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