10 Keys to Managing Risk in Perilous Times

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Risk management was hardly front page news—until last year, when financial markets around the world began to melt down.

Now businesses in every industry are scrambling to find ways to address potential weaknesses in their risk identification, assessment, and management policies.

In the Economist Intelligence Unit white paper Managing Risk in Perilous Times: Practical Steps to Accelerate Recovery, you'll find ten key recommendations for avoiding the risk management mistakes that nearly brought the global financial industry to ruin.

You'll learn

  • why risk management must be given greater authority
  • why effective risk management must start at the very top of the organization
  • why you shouldn't rely too heavily on data from external providers
  • how a balance must be struck between the centralization and decentralization of risk
  • how stress testing and scenario planning can help your organization respond appropriately to events
  • why risk factors should be consolidated across all of the organization's operations

Whatever industry you're in, the recommendations in this report will point the way to effective risk management policies and procedures for your organization—ones that will help protect it from financial disaster.

Download your PDF copy of Managing Risk in Perilous Times: Practical Steps to Accelerate Recovery today.


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