6 Success Factors for a Best-Run Marketing Organization

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These days, marketing professionals have a tough order to fill. Gone are the days when marketers simply acted upon executive and sales demands without much attention to hard customer data—it didn't exist. Now, with the help of new tools and methods, marketers are expected to drive customer demands and are being held accountable for their contributions to profitable growth.

In the white paper Six Success Factors for a Best-run Marketing Organization, you'll learn that in order to build a successful marketing operation you must forget old models and embrace powerful new trends that are shaping the function of marketing. Trends, such as a shift from a product to a customer focus; a greater emphasis on accelerating, measuring, and optimizing campaign execution; and investing in software solutions to more effectively provide tailored information for consumers.

These six marketing success factors will help you achieve

  • a stronger product differentiation
  • an enhanced target audience segmentation
  • better-managed brand portfolios
  • enabled organic growth

Six Success Factors for a Best-run Marketing Organization can propel your company in the right direction for marketing success.

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