Achieving Operational Excellence in the Americas - Survey Report

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Find out what your peers and competitors are doing to generate growth inside their organizations.

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently conducted a global survey with executives at 946 companies around the world. Read the surprising results as they reveal:

  • their overall strategies for driving growth
  • their biggest obstacles to organic growth
  • what their marketing, sales, IT, and finance departments are doing to support future growth
  • the technologies they plan to invest in
  • their major obstacles to achieving operational excellence
  • how they plan to maintain profitability in a slow economy

You'll find out why the Americas are lagging behind the rest of the world and what needs to be done to change it. And why Asia-Pacific competitors are leading in almost all key performance categories; revenue growth, margin growth, customer satisfaction, and new product launches.

Find out what's going on inside corporations around the world, with a special focus on the Americas.

Download your PDF copy of Operational Excellence: Enabling Sustained Growth, Spotlight on the Americas today.


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