Aligning Sales Territories to Enhance Sales Productivity

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Times are tough–and you've done everything you can think of to increase sales.

But there's something you may have overlooked: realigning your sales territories.

For many organizations, sales territory realignment has been relegated to a low-priority administrative exercise. But smart companies are realizing that taking sales territory alignment seriously—and doing it properly—can result in more sales and revenues for your organization.

Properly aligned sales territories means

  • revenue opportunities are maximized;
  • sales people are more motivated;
  • better customer service;
  • travel time and costs go down; and
  • sales close ratios increase.

That's a lot of benefits, but what are the secrets to getting sales territory realignment right? And what tools are available to help you?

Find out in Aligning Sales Territories to Enhance Sales Productivity.

You'll get the lowdown on how aligning your sales territories can ramp up your revenue stream, and the things you can do to make it happen.

Download your PDF copy today.


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