Are You on the Right Track to Lean - or Getting Left behind?

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While consumer goods manufacturers have been slow to go lean, the industry is finally catching up: 52 percent of consumer goods companies are committed to reducing manufacturing and supply chain costs and 48 percent are setting goals to implement continuous improvement programs.

So where does your company stand when it comes to lean? Are you on the right track—or are you getting left behind?

Find out in the Aberdeen white paper The Impact of Lean on Consumer Product Manufacturers.

You'll learn
  • how to overcome major challenges to lean
  • how to ensure a smooth transition to lean
  • how technology can create greater efficiencies
  • how inventory turns and on-time delivery rates is the secret to success
  • what best in class manufacturers are doing for successful lean programs
If your company is just beginning its transition to lean, there's even a straightforward 4-point action plan to get you going in the right direction.

Get up to speed on lean. Download your PDF copy of of The Impact of Lean on Consumer Product Manufacturers today.


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