B2B E-Business Strategies for a Changing World

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As one manager plainly put it, "B2B e-business gets so complex, we will take help anywhere we can get it."

If you've ever had that same sentiment about the complexities of conducting B2B e-business, here's a white paper that will help simplify things for you.

In B2B E-Business Strategies, you'll learn about the different B2B e-business service and software products available to you in today's rapidly changing marketplace—and how they can help you build an effective e-business strategy. And that includes

  • the technology components

  • B2B gateways

  • third-party service providers

  • the vendor landscape

  • the software as a service (SaaS) model

  • managed services

Learn how to build an effective e-business strategy for a rapidly changing world.

Download your PDF copy of B2B E-Business Strategies today.

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