BI for the Small to Medium Business: Survey Report

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Business intelligence (BI) isn't just for big corporations anymore. Smaller companies like yours now have access to affordable, powerful BI software solutions that were previously not available.

But how do you approach BI to get maximum results and the biggest return on your investment?

While there may not be a single answer, now you can learn the secrets of small and midsized companies (SMBs) that are the world's best at exploiting BI software.

You'll find it in the Aberdeen report Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium-sized Business.

Based on survey results from almost 650 end-user organizations, this report focuses on the approaches and best practices of SMBs that have achieved the greatest success and competitive advantage from the clever use of BI.

Learn about the

  • business pressures driving BI usage by SMBs
  • top BI strategies used by best-in-class SMBs
  • organizational setup, data flows, and processes used by best-in-class SMBs
  • knowledge and performance management practices used by best-in-class SMBs
  • actions required to move your organization into the best-in-class category

Learn the secrets of successful BI usage for small and midsized businesses from the best in the world. Download your copy of Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium-sized Business today.


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