Boost Productivity By Merging Enterprise Applications

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Did you realize that knowledge workers spend almost 80 percent of their workdays using some combination of enterprise applications and desktop tools?

This can give you a golden opportunity to increase productivity in your organization.

In the Aberdeen report, Do More with Less: Merging Enterprise Applications with Desktop Tools, learn how integrating enterprise applications with desktop tools can increase productivity by making your IT environment more seamless and efficient.

As a result, your knowledge workers can

  • launch desktop tools from enterprise applications—and vice versa;
  • get unified access to data residing in disparate systems;
  • perform workflow tasks without switching between desktop and enterprise applications;
  • access enterprise data directly without going through hierarchical application menus;
  • search within enterprise applications and data; and
  • import spreadsheet data into enterprise applications securely.

You'll end up with an organization that has better access to enterprise data, improved communication, superior real-time decision-making ability, and the capacity to do more productive work in less time.

Learn how to get more "miles per gallon" from your employees and IT systems.

Download your PDF copy of Do More with Less: Merging Enterprise Applications with Desktop Tools today.


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