Data Storage in the Cloud--Can You Afford Not To?

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Spiraling data storage requirements are straining many companies' abilities to keep pace.

One obvious solution is storage in the cloud—but concerns regarding security, speed, and accessibility remain. Or do they?

In Data Storage in the Cloud—Can You Afford Not To?, you'll discover a cloud storage solution that offers you

  • high-security dual-level encryption (SSLv3 and 256-bit AES)
  • data accessibility from anywhere
  • lower costs due to the economies of scale of cloud storage providers
  • high availability due to the redundancy built into cloud storage
  • pay-as-you-go costs
  • automatic off-site copy of data for DR
  • unprecedented flexibility and scalability

Learn how you can solve your data storage problems securely, reliably, and cost-efficiently.

Download your PDF copy of Data Storage in the Cloud—Can You Afford Not To? today.


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