ERP in Manufacturing 2009: an Aberdeen Report

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It's no surprise. According to a recent survey of over 435 manufacturers, the number one enterprise resource planning (ERP) business driver is the need to cut costs.

But what are the other major business challenges shaping ERP strategies in 2009? Are manufacturers turning to point solutions or integrated ERP modules to achieve their goals? And which ERP practices are best-in-class manufacturers employing?

Find out in the Aberdeen report, ERP in Manufacturing 2009.

In this fourth annual benchmark study of ERP usage by manufacturers, you'll learn

  • what distinguishes best-in-class manufacturers from their competitors;
  • which ERP strategies best-in-class companies are adopting;
  • return on investment (ROI) and performance management best practices; and
  • the steps required to achieve best-in-class performance.

In a marketplace characterized by difficult markets and intense global competition, ERP can be a source of competitive differentiation. Find out how best-in-class companies are leveraging its ERP systems to achieve competitive advantage.

Download your PDF copy of ERP in Manufacturing 2009.


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