Effective Inventory Analysis: the 5 Key Measurements

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As a distributor or manufacturer, how do you stack up when it comes to monitoring the performance of one of your largest investments: your inventory?

Computer-generated reports can be more of a hindrance than a help—many systems produce so many reports, you can drown in them. Measurements that evaluate inventory performance? There are literally hundreds of them, so which ones tell you what you really need to know?

The white paper Effective Inventory Analysis isolates and walks you through five simple measurements that will help you ensure you are maximizing the profitability and productivity of your investment in inventory. Each measurement can be applied to a single item, a specific product line, the entire stock of a warehouse, or your entire inventory. And these five key measurements can also be used to track the improvement in your inventory performance over time.

To keep your inventory performance analysis simple, accurate, and relevant, download the white paper Effective Inventory Analysis today.

Because without meaningful analysis, how can you tell if you're moving forward?

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January 10, 2009

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