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Having your software solution TEC Certified may be your best opportunity to positively influence buyers early in their decision process. This is well known to vendors who have gone through the process, and are reaping the benefits with more than 115 TEC Certified product listings.

Reach the right customers with credibility and trust.

With hundreds of potential customers conducting research and selection projects every day, TEC is the largest online evaluation site in the industry. The trusted TEC certification seal is a valuable indicator for decision-makers who rely on the integrity of TEC's research services for assistance with their software requirements. Non-certified vendors miss opportunities with TEC's buying audience.

TEC certification now gives you more.

A key part of certification requires your submission of a comprehensive request for information (RFI), and demonstration of functionality specified by TEC's analysts. TEC creates an impartial report, which is made available to our audience and includes product highlights, a competitive analysis, and in-depth analyst commentary. Certified vendors also benefit from exposure to TEC's global audience of IT professionals through announcements, articles, and selection research sites.

To find out if your product qualifies for TEC certification, please complete the TEC Certification Questionnaire.

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