Executive Report: the New CFO Challenge

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One thing is clear: the role of the CFO has transformed into something much more than just analyzing spreadsheets. Your CFO must now bridge the gap between operational and financial planning in order to provide a complete view of your organization to the board of directors, investors, and governmental entities alike.

CFOs are tasked with the responsibility of leading planning efforts that are more thorough, reliable, and efficient than before—which is especially crucial in times of economic hardship.

In the report A Complete View of the Enterprise, by CFO Research Services, you can see how tracking financial data as well as operational indicators (marketing, sales, HR, and R&D) can provide your company with more accurate forecasting, and help you plan for what's ahead.

Some of the benefits of integrating planning include

  • more accurate, evidence-based forecasts that take less time to prepare
  • higher accountability to divisional managers
  • increased workforce efficiency
  • greater collaboration across the enterprise

Download your report copy of A Complete View of the Enterprise today, and find out how integrated planning can help serve your company.


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