Gartner: How to Grow in the Recession

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Would you like practical advice on how to thrive in the current economic downtown from an expert in the problems faced by small and midsized businesses (SMBs)?

In the free 20-minute on-demand webcast Small and Midsized Companies in a Slowing Global Economy, Gartner* Vice President of Research Robert Anderson offers advice, tips, and suggestions on how your company can maintain growth and profitability during these tough economic times.

You'll see Anderson answer these critical questions and more:

  • What makes this slowdown different from other recessions?
  • What lies ahead for your company in this shrinking global economy?
  • What are the three key market pressures sure to impact your business?
  • How should you respond to these pressures in order to maintain profitability and growth?
  • Should you invest in IT technology?
  • What may be the price if you opt not to invest in IT technology?

Inform yourself about the market realities facing your business—while you learn how to thrive in the face of these difficult challenges.

Click here to view Small and Midsized Companies in a Slowing Global Economy today.

*Gartner is a leading IT advisor, with over 1,200 research analysts and consultants in 80 countries.


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