Generate Better Leads for Better Sales Results

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What makes a qualified lead?

Certainly not the 20 percent of forecasted deals that, according to research, result in no decision—that is, in any purchase ultimately being made. Pursuing these "non-deals" is a costly waste of resources.

In the featured white paper Generate Better Leads for Better Sales Results, CSO Insights describes how you can produce better quality leads, resulting in a better closing ratio, and more revenue for your organization on the same number of deals. The research shows how a system that provides reps with immediate awareness of a lead's interest is critical, as is linking marketing's and sales' efforts—providing a 10 percent increase in leads to deals.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your lead quality and help your company meet its sales goals. Download your PDF copy of Generate Better Leads for Better Sales Results today.

Get more qualified leads into the hands of your salespeople.

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