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Founded in 1993 and specializing in software selection, 150-employee firm Technology Evaluations Centers (TEC) is now releasing its findings based on over 1,000 enterprise software selections. These cover industries such as manufacturing, services, utilities, government, and others—including large corporations and small to midsized businesses.

See what capabilities SAP, Oracle, IFS, Epicor, Microsoft, and 700 other vendors offer when delivering enterprise software solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), human resources (HR), business intelligence (BI), financials, and others. To compare vendors' latest product releases side by side, just visit TEC Vendor Comparison Reports, choose your application area, and then select two or more vendors.

TEC has also compiled lists of over 80,000 software functionalities/requirements per industry and type of software solution. To see which ones apply to your enterprise, visit TEC Software Requirements Listings.

Or simply select an Evaluation Center and get a free short list of vendor solutions that best fit your organization's needs at Free Vendor Shortlist.

NB: TEC's lists of software functionalities/requirements and vendor comparisons are for your organization's internal use only, and may not be resold or distributed to others.


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