Get Your Sales Team Going with Mobile CRM

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Are your field salespeople performing at peak ability? Are they connected and ready to do the things that bring in sales anytime and anywhere? Wouldn't it be a worthwhile objective to get your salespeople booking more face time with clients, and winning more business in less time?

It's all possible, if you equip your salespeople with mobile CRM.

As you'll discover in the executive brief Get Your Sales Teams Going with Mobile CRM, mobile CRM lets your sales reps perform more of the activities that turn into sales—in less time.

Mobile CRM means your sales reps are always ready with their cell phones or smartphones to

  • respond to customer requests
  • submit quotes
  • close business
  • log into head office for the most-up-to-date client and product information
  • quickly follow up on leads
  • book appointments
  • access the Internet

With mobile CRM, it's all in your salespeople's hands—with them always connected, always ready to do more business.

Find out how mobile CRM can deliver the boost you need to make more sales in today's tough economy. Download your copy of Get Your Sales Teams Going with Mobile CRM today.


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