Giving Service Companies a Fast Start

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If you're in IT services or strategic consulting, you're getting squeezed from all sides.

Global competition is driving down margins and profits. Fixed-price contracts are pushing up project and delivery risks. And the economy's in deep recession.

You know you have to cut costs and increase operational efficiencies. But will your software allow you to do what you need to? If you're using outdated, non-integrated software systems, the answer could be "no."

But, there are ways you can succeed, and you can find out about them in the SAP white paper, Giving Service Companies a Fast Start.

Here you'll learn about a small to medium business (SMB) software system that's

  • affordably priced
  • able to help you reduce costs while running a more efficient operation
  • designed specially for service companies like yours
  • pre-tested and pre-configured for a quick and easy implementation
  • able to grow with your company and adapt to your changing needs

Find out about a software solution that will get you lean and mean for the bad times—and help you grow and prosper in the good times.

Download your PDF copy of Giving Service Companies a Fast Start today.


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