Hosted CRM and PBX Buyer's Guides for Small and Midsized Companies

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If you've heard that a hosted PBX phone system is a smart, cost-efficient option for small to midsized businesses, but would like to know more about it, the Hosted CRM Buyer's Guide and the Hosted PBX Systems Buyer's Guide are for you.

In clear, straightforward language, this guide will fill you in on the basics of hosted CRM phone systems and the hosted PBX phone systems, the benefits they offer your company, the choices you have in terms of features and options, and even the questions to ask before you buy.

With the hosted CRM guide, you'll learn about

  • the main components of a hosted CRM solution
  • the features and benefits
  • the major vendors
  • the cost savings involved
  • the questions you should ask a prospective vendor

With the hosted PBX guide, you'll learn about

  • the ways your business benefits from having a PBX system
  • the advantages of going hosted vs. on-premise
  • the flexibility VoIP offers vs. traditional telephone systems
  • the basic and advanced features of a hosted PBX system
  • the costs and return on investment(ROI)
  • the questions to aska prospective vendor

Get up to speed on hosted CRM or PBX phone systems the easy way. Download your PDF copy of the Hosted CRM Buyer's Guide or the Hosted PBX Systems Buyer's Guide today.

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