Hosted VoIP Buyer's Guide: Creating Virtual Offices

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Whether you're starting a new company, adding offices to an existing operation, or beefing up support for your people on the road, a smart, cost-effective approach is to create "virtual offices."

In Hosted VoIP Buyer's Guide: Creating Virtual Offices, you'll discover how a hosted VoIP phone system is the key to creating a virtual office environment with all the features and flexibility you need--but without a big capital outlay.

You'll learn

  • how hosted VoIP works
  • what a virtual office is
  • the cost benefits of a virtual office environment
  • how to determine your phone system needs

You'll also get 5 helpful tips on hosted VoIP—covering everything from costs and maintenance to ease of communications and choosing a hosted VoIP provider.

Get up to speed on hosted VoIP, and how it can help your company set up cost-efficient virtual offices.

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