How EBay Secured the World’s Largest Online Marketplace

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If you're involved with network security, you'll want to get the inside story of how eBay selected a vulnerability management system for a marketplace where 147 million members buy and sell almost anything.

Find out why eBay ended up choosing QualysGuard on-demand vulnerability management. How built-in reports were able to give eBay executives a clear picture of network security without the need for manual analysis. And how QualysGuard allowed eBay to set a baseline standard for security. You'll also find out why QualysGuard was able to provide eBay with an overall faster, simpler, and cheaper security system.

With worldwide partner networks and nearly half a million merchants making all or most of their living by selling on eBay, network security is an absolutely critical consideration. Find out why QualysGuard ended up being the winning choice for eBay's security requirements.

Download your PDF copy of eBay—Securing the World's Online Marketplace today.


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