How to Balance Control and Agility in the Virtual Environment

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The dynamic nature of a virtualized data center environment presents management challenges that are different from a purely physical environment.

Virtualization brings a higher level of speed and flexibility, producing a more disciplined approach to service management—one with more effective processes and controls.

But control should not come at the expense of agility. IT needs to strike the optimum balance between the two. But how can this balance be achieved, tapping the full potential of virtualization technology while still maintaining and demonstrating control?

Find out in Balancing Control and Agility in the Virtual Environment. You'll learn about an approach that helps IT ensure control over the virtualized data center while maintaining compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

You'll also learn how this approach is supported by available business service management (BSM) solutions, and how it can be successfully applied to change scenarios commonly encountered in the virtualized environment.

Balancing control and agility can help you serve more business users with greater speed, stability, and responsiveness—while reducing costs and aligning IT more closely with the business.

Find out more in Balancing Control and Agility in the Virtual Environment.

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