How to Convert Service Calls Into Sales

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The magic formula for selling more products or services is simple: present the right offer to the right prospect via the right channel-at the right time.

Of course, that's easier said than done. But if you're in a service-intensive business, real-time offer management can help turn that magic formula into a profitable reality for your organization.

Real-time offer management is an application designed to initiate and optimize an offer during customer-initiated interactions, and leverages the customer information that exists in your own database.

In the white paper How to Convert Service Calls into Sales, you'll discover how real-time offer management allows your company to continuously learn from inbound interactions, make adjustments based on customer responses, and immediately refine the offer for the next customer. And because it's real-time and adaptive, it allows for automatic offer optimization and continuous insight into customer needs.

You'll also discover how to provide cross-sell and up-sell offers at just the right moment.

Find out how to do more business with your existing customer base. Download your PDF copy of How to Convert Service Calls into Sales today.


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