How to Seize Opportunity in an Economic Downturn

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Did you know that Google, PayPal, General Electric (GE), Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard (HP)—even the iPod—were all launched in the midst of an economic recession?

Surprised? You shouldn't be—recession winners are easy to find. But when the economy turns bad, most companies still fall back into a knee-jerk pattern of cost-cutting and defensive maneuvers.

But a recession opens the door to a host of opportunities your company can run with—as you'll discover in the white paper No Time to Retreat: Seizing Opportunity in an Economic Downturn.

While your competitors are ducking for cover, you could be building a stronger, more competitive organization by seeking out new markets, launching new products, acquiring competitors and suppliers, and investing in research and development (R&D) and new technologies.

Success in hard times also calls for heads-up planning and strategizing, cleaning up operations, and finding ways to be more efficient, which you'll also learn about in this informative white paper.

The future belongs to those companies bold enough to seize it. Find out how your company can turn tough economic times into a foundation for a brilliant future. Download your PDF copy of No Time to Retreat: Seizing Opportunity in an Economic Downturn today.


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