Implementing Energy-Efficient Data Centers

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Did you realize that your data center(s) may be costing you money by wasting electricity? Or that there are at least 10 different strategies you can employ to dramatically cut data center energy consumption?

The fact is, most data centers are not designed with energy efficiency in mind. But in the white paper Implementing Energy-efficient Data Centers, you'll learn how to save money by using less electricity—whether your data centers are still in the design stage or fully operational.

You'll discover

  • how to employ the two basic kinds of energy consumption reductions—and why one of them delivers up to twice the energy savings when compared to the other
  • how to migrate to energy-efficient computing platforms
  • how to reduce the energy consumption of your IT equipment
  • how to increase the energy efficiency of your cooling, power, and lighting equipment
  • why system design is the most important factor in determining the efficiency of a data center

In today's tough economy, you need to look at every energy and money saving option at your disposal.

Find out what you need to know about running an energy-efficient data center. Download your PDF copy of Implementing Energy-efficient Data Centers today.


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