Introducing TEC's Software Selection Portal

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Since you've visited our Evaluation Center, are you any closer to finding the right enterprise software solution for you?

Did you know TEC offers a self-serve software selection portal? TEC's portal gives you the resources to research hundreds of enterprise software solutions, and stores the results of your evaluation and selection projects in a convenient and secure online location.

Used by Fortune 500 enterprises and small to medium businesses alike, the portal saves months of research, time, and money—but most importantly, ensures a successful selection. It's no wonder the portal is used for thousands of projects per year.

A critical error businesses commit when selecting enterprise solutions is shortcutting the requirements-gathering stage, which ultimately leads to a failed software implementation. TEC's portal has the intelligence you need to be more complete and thorough, and in turn, to minimize the risk so prevalent in this economic climate.

TEC's portal gives you access to unmatched software evaluation resources. No matter where you are in your selection project, TEC has vital features that can help you determine your best-matched solution. This includes access to

  • decision support system platform eBestMatch
  • private-access research
  • training on TEC's methodology
  • TEC's advisory services

Want more? Get your software selection portal FREE Trial today. Select the best enterprise software for your company quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.

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