Keys to Operational Excellence in the Process Industries

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For years, process manufacturers lived by the credo: "if you produce it, they will buy it."

No longer. The economic crisis has brought back uncertainty in demand, along with downward pressure on prices.

Best-in-class companies are responding by reducing operating costs and developing processes to deal with demand variability. But what strategies, best practices, and technologies are they employing to achieve their goals?

Find out in Operational Excellence in the Process Industries.

This 2009 Aberdeen report will inform you about the

  • market pressures facing the process industries;
  • strategic responses to key market pressures;
  • practices, processes, and technologies employed by best-in-class companies; and
  • steps to success required to achieve best-in-class performance.

Caught in a squeeze by thin margins, falling prices, and uncertainty in demand, process manufacturers are turning to all available means to achieve operational excellence. Learn how best-in-class companies are succeeding.

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