Leveling the Field: Powerful Software Solutions for Midsize Companies

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To make it in today's complex, global marketplace, midsized businesses need powerful manufacturing and distribution software—the kind that's traditionally been available only to the largest corporations.

But that's changed.

Midsized businesses now have access to the same robust, high-end software solutions the big corporations use—without the giant price tags or long, drawn-out implementations.

Major business software vendor Oracle has developed a program that

  • puts the same software used by the largest enterprises into the hands of midsized businesses like yours;
  • offers a cost-effective fixed scope/fixed price basis;
  • comes with a rapid and streamlined low-cost implementation;
  • employs best business practices to help you acquire and maintain a competitive edge; and
  • leverages the industry knowledge and proven implementation skills of certified Oracle business partners.

If you're interested in getting the most powerful business software in an affordable program specially designed for midsize businesses—your time has come.

Find out more in Leveling the Field: Powerful Software Solutions for Midsize Companies.

Download your PDF copy today.


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