Manufacturers Win Customers with Improved Configurability

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If you're a manufacturer, you know that today's demand-driven environment is forcing companies like yours to customize your products in order to gain a competitive edge. But are your configurability processes really optimized to meet these rigorous market demands?

In the Executive Guide to Configurability Strategy, learn how the two phases of a successful configurability strategy can dramatically improve your customer win rate.

Learn about the benefits of a winning configurability strategy, including

  • cutting quotation response time and costs to a minimum
  • increasing product quality
  • eliminating rework and scrap caused by misconfigured products
  • reducing inventories
  • reducing number of suppliers
  • increasing revenue by up- and cross-selling

Forward-thinking companies are being smart about product configurability. Executive Guide to Configurability Strategy shows you how a rethinking of your configurability strategy can have a powerful, multiplier effect, improving product margins and significantly increasing your profits.

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