MarketingSherpa's B2B Summit: Conquer 8 B2B Challenges

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MarketingSherpa and TEC are pleased to provide TEC readers with a special offer for their B2B Marketing Summit 2010.
Special Offer – Save $400.

Time is running out to make plans to attend MarketingSherpa's B2B Summit 2009 (only 14 days until San Francisco), and you may not want to miss this year's event. Final touches are being made to make every session, every speaker and every piece of content focused on helping you as a B2B marketer meet your top challenges.

The MarketingSherpa team has identified through extensive marketplace research the top 8 challenges that B2B marketers face each and every day. This year's Summit is built to equip attendees with specific and proven tools, tips, and strategies to conquer these challenges:

  1. Doing more with less
  2. Generating high quality leads
  3. Marketing to a lengthening sales cycle
  4. Creating perceived value in product benefits
  5. Generating a high volume of leads
  6. Marketing to a growing number of people in the buying process
  7. Generating PR buzz
  8. Competing in lead generation across multiple media

33 Speakers - 16 Practical Case Studies - All-New Research

Top B2B marketers are finding new ways to generate leads and improve ROI – and they will share their secrets to success with you in two power-packed days of practical, hands-on training. We'll leave the ivory-tower theory to other events – you'll only find tried-and-proven lead generation strategies and advice at B2B Summit 2009.

"This is by far the best B2B marketing conference I've ever attended. The sessions were spot-on and so relevant to my needs. A+ Content, A+ Case Studies!"
Mary Dondiego, Vitalsmart

B2B Summit – East Coast and West Coast Options

There are two convenient locations. Select one that best meets your needs:

  • San Francisco, CA Sept. 23-24
  • Boston, MA, Oct. 5-6

We look forward to seeing you at our best B2B Marketing Summit.


Hope Hopkins
Senior Event Programmer

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Special Offer – Save $400.


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