No Nonsense: Employment Background Checking

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Hiring new employees can expose your company to all kinds of risk.

Did you know that

  • 3 out of 10 business failures are caused by employee theft
  • average workplace violence awards exceed $1 million (USD)
  • as many as one-third of employee application forms contain outright lies
  • both federal and state laws limit your actions when conducting employee background checks

Learn how to find the right employees—while avoiding potentially serious problems—in Business Guide: Employment Background Checking.

This no-nonsense guide will teach you about checking applicants' address history, social security number, criminal background, work history, educational background, driving record, and more.

You'll also learn what you must do to avoid running afoul of the law when conducting background checks.

Make sure your employee background checks are effective, productive, and legal.

Download your free PDF copy of Business Guide: Employment Background Checking today.


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