Pervasive BI: the Next Step to Superior Decision-Making

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The body of evidence is growing: business intelligence (BI) and analytics lead to improved performance management and greater organizational competitiveness. That is why so many companies are turning to a solution that extends BI functionality to a wider range of internal and external stakeholders: pervasive BI.

But since pervasive BI is more than simply distributing tools and reports to more decision makers, what exactly defines it? And how can you make it work for your organization?

Find out in Improving Organizational Decision-making Through Pervasive Business Intelligence.

You'll learn the five key factors that most influence pervasive BI; the six pervasive BI indicators; and how to profit from the relationship between the two.

You'll also find direction on the best way to allocate resources to a pervasive BI solution, and recommendations on how to align the professional services essential to a successful pervasive BI implementation.

Under the combined pressure of global competition and an economic downturn, pervasive BI is coming into its own as a tool to increase competitiveness, improve regulatory compliance, and develop better relationships with partners and suppliers.

Discover how your company can reap the benefits of pervasive BI in Improving Organizational Decision-making Through Pervasive Business Intelligence.

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