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Pervasive Retail Business Intelligence: Optimize Internal Performance for External Market Agility

Despite a tough retail climate, best-in-class retailers are achieving positive results like these:

  • 33% gross margins
  • 17% increase in year-over-year return on net assets (RONA)
  • 28% increase in year-over-year customer retention

Learn how your retail operation can achieve this kind of success in the Aberdeen Group research paper, Pervasive Retail Business Intelligence: Optimizing Performance for Market Agility.

You'll discover how the right approach to business intelligence (BI) can give your company an enterprise-wide view into changing market conditions and customer buying trends. And how you can transform this information into more efficient business processes and better, more profitable decision-making.

Learn how to unlock the secrets of superior retail performance through pervasive BI.

Download your PDF copy of Pervasive Retail Business Intelligence: Optimizing Performance for Market Agility today.


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