Protect Your Laptops Against Careless Employee Use

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Laptop theft and data breaches are on the rise. But did you know that your company's laptops can be protected even if your employees are careless or negligent?

It's true—an endpoint security solution can protect the integrity of information in laptops without requiring the involvement of the laptop user.

The laptop is "set" to protect itself, and it allows for sensitive data to be deleted remotely. What's more, the system can even help recover laptops if they are stolen. If your employees don't take the necessary steps to protect your company's laptops, the system will do it automatically. Now that's security!

Find out more about endpoint security solutions and laptop security in general, in the white paper Protect your laptops against careless employee use.

Don't take chances with your valuable data. An endpoint security solution can give your organization the protection it deserves.

Download your PDF copy of Protect your laptops against careless employee use today!


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