Sales Force Automation (SFA) Buyer's Guide

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What business couldn't use more sales these days? Sales force automation (SFA) can help bring in those extra dollars.

But how do you find an SFA solution that's powerful enough to do the job for both sales reps and management?

The Sales Force Automation Buyer's Guide will help you find the ideal SFA system for your company.

In this definitive guide, you'll learn

  • what type of SFA buyer you are;
  • what the core and advanced elements of an SFA system are;
  • the costs you can expect to incur;
  • the difference between on-premise and on-demand SFA;
  • what to look for in an SFA vendor; and
  • how to conduct a successful buying process.

An SFA solution can help you increase revenues in tough economic times—but only if you get one that fits your company's needs.

Make sure you're on the right track by downloading your PDF copy of Sales Force Automation Buyer's Guide today.


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