Sales Tax Audit Survival Guide

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Beware. In California, state auditors are literally going door-to-door to find businesses that aren't properly paying sales tax. Massachusetts and Washington State have hired scores of new tax collectors—and audits are way up across the country.

Every state in the Union is seriously strapped for cash, and guess who they're going after—you. And the more tax jurisdictions you do business in, the more likely you are to get sales tax audited.

Given there's a big red target on your business's front door, what can you do to protect yourself from the cash-hungry state tax collectors coming your way?

Find out in the practical survival guide Managing Transaction Tax Audit Risk. In this proactive guide to sales and use tax audits, you'll learn

  • how states typically conduct an audit;
  • the top 10 issues most likely to trigger an audit;
  • the business records you'll have to produce to defend yourself;
  • the top 10 ways you're most likely to screw up in the course of an audit; and
  • why the best defense against a tax audit is a good offense.

It's open season on your business, and state sales tax collectors have you in their sights.

Find out how you can fight back. Download your PDF copy of Managing Transaction Tax Audit Risk today.


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