Saleslogix CRM Best Practices Guide

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SalesLogix is a popular mid-market customer relationship management (CRM) solution that can grow your business by helping you acquire new customers and expand your existing accounts. Its relatively low cost and rapid deployment time means you can quickly enjoy the benefits of increased sales and profits.

But how can you use SalesLogix CRM to your maximum advantage? And what are the best practices associated with it that you can pick up and profit from? Find out in the SalesLogix CRM Guidebook by Nucleus Research, a leading research analyst firm.

Based on the experiences of SalesLogix CRM users across the US and Europe, discover

  • the components and features of SalesLogix, and how they can help you do more selling
  • the best approaches to customization
  • how to leverage and integrate data from other sources and applications
  • how to automate lead distribution and other key tasks
  • fine-tuning tips
  • the major missteps to avoid

Benefit from this opportunity to learn from companies like yours that have used SalesLogix CRM to streamline their sales processes, integrate customer data, and coordinate their activities to drive more sales.

Download your PDF copy of Nucleus Research's SalesLogix CRM Guidebook today.

Get the guidebook and your own custom CRM comparison to see how SalesLogix stacks up against key competitors.


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