State of the Market: on-Demand Business Intelligence Solutions

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An ever-growing number of end users are demanding SaaS-based BI solutions

But to successfully sell BI solutions, you have to understand your market’s needs, challenges, and point of view.

Find out how the companies you’re targeting are approaching SaaS-based BI solutions in On-demand Business Intelligence Solutions.

In this informative report, you’ll learn about

  • the information challenges faced by small and midsized companies,
  • how SaaS-based BI solutions are helping companies achieve their corporate goals,
  • what companies look for in a SaaS-based BI solution, and
  • how companies evaluate SaaS BI vendors.

Get the inside story on SaaS-based BI solutions from the perspective of your customers and prospects.

Download your copy of On-demand Business Intelligence Solutions today.

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