Supplier Portals for Manufacturers a Win-Win Scenario

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Why have supplier portals become an indispensable business tool for manufacturers?

A 24/7 online supplier portal allows small and midsized manufacturers to communicate efficiently with suppliers and track deliveries—without the expense and overhead of electronic data interchange (EDI)-compliant systems.

As an attractive, low-cost alternative to EDI, a supplier portal allows you to

  • enter, track, monitor, and fulfill orders via the Internet
  • manage deliveries online
  • identify and correct supply chain problems quickly and easily
  • add increased efficiency, quality, and transparency to your complete supply chain

A supplier portal also gives suppliers insight into your requirements, specifications, quality issues, and forecast information, and enables them to submit quotes online.

Learn why supplier portals are an affordable win—win scenario for both your company and its suppliers.

Download your PDF copy of Supplier Portals: Insight into an Efficient Supply Chain today.


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