TEC Portal: Software Selection Made Easier

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Taking on a major software selection project without the necessary tools, product information, and expertise can be a nightmare. Where do you start? How do you objectively compare vendor's functionalities?

Luckily, with TEC's self-serve software selection portal, you don't need to worry. The portal is designed to help your selection project every step of the way. It provides you with access to unmatched selection resources, including access to our decision support system eBestMatch.

TEC's eBestMatch is used by thousands of companies each year to

  • review industry-specific functionality, licensing, support, infrastructure compatibility, and pricing for a number of different enterprise software solutions
  • compare business requirements to vendors' support for thousands of functional and technical criteria
  • build "soft" criteria like ease-of-use and comfort level into decision models
  • display the results of research as interactive graphs and charts
  • easily generate detailed reports to communicate findings to stakeholders, and to justify the final decision

Want more? Get your software selection portal FREE Trial today. Select the best enterprise software for your company quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact selectionservices@technologyevaluation.com, or call 514-954-3665 ext. 404

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