Talent Management in the Twenty-First Century

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In today's modern, fast-paced business environment would you run your business based on 50- year-old ideas and practices? Probably not.

But if your organization is using a talent management system (TMS), chances are it's based on another era—and critically failing in its mission. Unfortunately, many modern TMSs are using models developed during a time when business was slower-paced, more stable, and more predictable.

Now, there is a better, more modern approach to acquiring and retaining talent—one that lets you manage your organization's human capital requirements while simultaneously addressing the needs and interests of your employees. And you can learn all about it in the white paper, Talent Management for the Twenty-first Century.

Written by the Harvard Business Review, this white paper will introduce you to a TMS based on the principles of modern supply chain management (SCM). You'll learn why the requirements for effective talent management closely parallel those of managing a modern supply chain, and how the same kind of on-demand approach can produce huge dividends for your organization.

You don't have to be stuck using a 1950s approach to talent management any longer. Learn how to develop a win-win talent management program that makes sense for today's business realities. Download your PDF copy of Talent Management for the Twenty-first Century today.


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