The Business Value of BI with ERP

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If you're like most companies, you're sitting on mountains of data. But achieving useful visibility from the data generated from your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and connected applications is another matter entirely.

Without proper integration of ERP with business intelligence (BI), you're missing the critical value your data provides to your business—value that may core necessity for your business.

In the Aberdeen report ERP and BI: Value through Actionable Intelligence, learn how best-in-class BI implementations can not only improve the fortunes of your company, but also create a much more streamlined organization. You'll also discover how taking an integrated approach to ERP with BI can give you

  • 17% reduction in operating costs
  • 12 full-time employees eliminated or redeployed
  • 3.7 days to close a month

Find out how ERP and BI is like the perfect storm—igniting improved company performance and visibility.

Download your PDF copy of ERP and BI: Value through Actionable Intelligence today


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