The Secrets to Buying a Cloud Based ERP -- November 16, 2010

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IT vendors are flooding the market with cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in a wide variety of configurations.

But how do cloud-based business applications affect your current IT infrastructure and the role of your IT organization?

In the Webcast, The Secrets to Buying a Cloud-based ERP, learn about IT's new role in evaluating, selecting, and implementing cloud-based ERP.

Join this Webcast to discover:

  • how cloud technology has changed the way businesses look at ERP.
  • how IT's role has shifted from technical to strategic advisor in cloud-based evaluations.
  • the unique aspects of a cloud-based evaluation process. and
  • how organizations must position IT in their evaluation and selection process for a successful outcome.

Learn about IT's rapidly changing role in the cloud-based ERP environment.

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